Benefit of alternate day prednisone

The effect of alternate-day prednisone therapy on cortisol secretion. Corticosteroids reduce the need for hospitalization in patients with croup and decrease morbidity and the incidence of respiratory failure in the treatment of patients with AIDS who havepneumonia. The effect of alternate-day prednisone regimen nine-patients on cortisol. The advantages of alternate-day corticosteroid therapy are presented and the.

Corticosteroids in autoimmune diseases Issue 1 Volume 22. The role of maintenance therapy in multiple myeloma is controversial. To become active, prednisone must be converted to prednisolone by changing. Alternate day therapy may be of use to minimise adverse effects, particularly to.

A Different Look at Corticosteroids - American Family Physician Hunder and colleagues in this issue, "Daily and Alternate-Day Corticosteroid Regimens in Treatment of Giant Cell Arteritis" (p. Adverse Effects of Steroid Therapy and Cautions. effects. In long-term therapy, alternate-day administration should be considered.

Maintenance therapy with alternate-day prednisone improves. 613), reports a study that directly compared alternate-day prednisone therapy with a daily dose regimen, in randomly assned s. Thus, 50 mg, oral, alternate-day prednisone is effective maintenance. have failed to demonstrate any added benefit from maintenance for responsive patients.

Benefit of alternate day prednisone:

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